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Wool dyeing

We know that it can be really hard to find the right rug—the one that ties the whole room together? You can search and search, walk through warehouse after warehouse, designer showroom after designer showroom, and too many trips to IKEA, and still come up empty handed. The thing is, you don’t have the right people helping you. Walk into a retailer or wholesaler, you will be sold what they want to sell you from their inventory. We don’t work that way.

At Rug Guru want to find you exactly what you want at the best possible price. Whether its a fine hand-made rug, an everyday tufted rug, a flat woven, or a custom design you’ve dreamed up on your iPad, just give us your requirements and we will find it , or make it.

Think of us as your rug consultants, we don’t want to cheat you or sell you something you don’t want. We want you to leave with exactly what you want with a smile on your face and, because our prices are so low, some extra cash in your pocket.

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