Rug Guru For Decorators


As a decorator, we know that you know the market better than any of us. We are offering a new service to decorators—and a way to make a commission on any rug you choose. All you need to do is show us at Rug Guru the design of your choice and we’ll find it at the cheapest price.

We have access to 30 years worth of wholesalers and artisans who can create beautiful rugs for your clients. Whether you’re searching for a fine hand-made rug, an everyday tufted rug, a flat woven, or a custom design your client has dreamed up, just give us your requirements and we will find it , or make it.

Our goal is to work for you and with you to help you secure the exact rug your client is looking for. So take them to the D&D Building, and then bring them to us with the designs they are interested in. The price will be better, the quality will be the same, and your client will be happy.

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