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Why You Need an Appraisal

An unbiased third party opinion is of utmost importance when deciding to purchase or sell your oriental rug.  Considering that there are a vast variety of rugs on the market, determining what price to sell or purchase your rug is a decision that you definitely do not want to regret later.  So how do you get this fair opinion to make an informed decision?  Consulting our professional rug appraiser will not only give you peace of mind regarding your deal but it will also make it easier to prove the value and identity of the rug to the insurance company if need be.


IRS Requirements:
The IRS requires any charitable contribution over $5000.00 to have a written appraisal performed by a qualified appraiser.  This appraiser must be accredited by a recognized appraisal organization such as the International Society of Appraisers.

For equitable distribution of property, a written appraisal with the current fair market value of the rugs in question is often required.

Where antique rugs are involved or even pieces that have been owned for a number of years, an appraisal is seriously recommended.  The fair market value of these rugs can change dramatically with the availability or popularity of certain types and auction houses are always setting new records for scare or museum quality antique rugs.

Insurance companies require a current appraisal (less than two years old) to provide accurate insurance coverage for a valuable carpet. [In the case of damage to a rug, a damage assessment appraisal is often handled by the insurance company]

What we look for when appraising a rug:

  • Rug Materials – Cotton, Wool, or Silk
  • Rug Dyes – Natural, Aniline, and Chromium
  • Rug Age
  • Rug Size
  • Country of Origin
  • Moth Damage
  • Color Run
  • Curled Edges and Corners
  • Thin Field
  • Eroded Ends and Corners
  • Potted Plant Damage

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