You’ve been searching and searching for the proverbial “rug that ties the whole room together.” And then, after months of visiting stores and browsing online retailers, you find it—the exact design you’ve been looking for. It’s perfect, but it’s the wrong size, and the wrong color. That’s where Rug Guru comes in. Bring us the design you like, we’ll custom make it in the color and size you need for your home. It’s that simple.

We’ve been in the business of custom rugs for 30 years and have an unparalleled access to wholesalers and artisans who can source or create not only the exact rug you have in your mind, but at the best price. We don’t have the overhead of other dealers; there’s no brick and mortar shop. You can shop at D&D, find what you like, what you LOVE. then bring it to us. We’ll make it for you. Whether you want wool, cotton, linen, silk, or hemp. Our weavers do the custom work for some of the most famous design houses in America or the National Trust Foundation in England.

Within weeks of your decision to make a custom rug, you will get a 2-foot square sample of your rug. From this sample you will see the colors, the quality, the texture, weave and the scale of the design. If you are not satisfied, we can tweak it from there. If the rug is not right, we will work together until it is.

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