A favorite rug is a treasured possession—one that defines a room and makes a home feel like, well, home. We understand that when a rug gets damaged, and must be replaced, it can mean redecorating an entire room. That’s where we come in. Whether its a tear, hole, or missing fringe, let us be your plastic surgeon and bring back its youthfulness. Rug Guru can assess the damage and in many cases, repair the rug so that a replacement does not need to be purchased. When you see a hole starting to form, call us. It is always advisable to fix a damaged or worn rug as soon as possible so that further damage can be averted. This ensures a better quality repair at a lower cost as well as retaining the value of the rug.


Repairing rugs is a highly skilled craft that is comparable in technique and experience with the rug manufacturing process. The Rug Guru goes to great lengths to ensure that the rug repairs are seamless.


For example, repairing a hole requires finding a compatible yarn to match that of the surrounding rug so that the touch and feel of the repair is the same as that of the rest of the rug. The color of the yarn must be carefully selected so that it merges seamlessly with the colors around it. The frayed yarn surrounding the hole must be repaired, and finally, the hole must be woven by hand using the appropriate knot so that it is practically invisible to the naked eye.


RUG GURU TIP: Be Careful When Vacuuming Edges!


In this picture you can see what happens when you keep vacuuming the edges. If you look closely, you’ll see that the edges and the fringes are missing from the corner. Every time it gets vacuumed, another thread comes off. As time goes by, it gets worse. It can be fixed but you also have to be careful and not vacuum the edging.


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