Tips To Choosing Great Area Rugs For Your Home

Area rugs can do wonders for a home. A well chosen area rug covers up stains and spots, disguises wear marks on carpet and brightens up a room. A great rug can make an ordinary room look great.

Here's a few tips for choosing a good looking area rug.

Size. How do you determine what size area rug to select? Should you buy one big one or 2 small ones?

Remember that a rug is there to add spice and appeal to your carpet, not to cover it entirely so that the rug becomes the carpet. A rug draws your attention to the design and mix of colors, so if it is too big it will lose it's effect because it just looks like a fancy carpet.

So you should leave a reasonable amount of room around the edge of the rug between the edge and the wall. Don't buy an area rug that is too big, or it will be too expensive and not do the job as well as a smaller rug.

A good size area rug for the average room is around 8' x 11', though of course it does depend on the size of the room.

Use small rugs under coffee tables. The rug should be large enough for all 4 legs to rest comfortably on the rug without being too close to the edges, and the rug should be the same shape as the table. So if you have a rectangular shaped coffee table try for a rectangular shaped area rug that goes under the table.

A round area rug for a round table and a square rug for a square table.

Make sure that the rug shape also fits in with the shape of the room. Modern contemporary house and room design allows for all sorts of room shapes, and modern contemporary area rugs can complement them beautifully. But don't try to put a square rug in a triangular room without thinking very carefully. It's best if the sides of the rug are parallel to the sides of the room.

And consider a rug pad. This helps keep the rug in place, otherwise it may well end up crawling all over the floor over time, and you will be forever pulling your rug back into place.

Spend some time thinking of your design too, and the colors that appeal to you. There are some wonderful colors available on modern and contemporary rugs and you have a world of choice.

Worried that you won't be able to afford a nice area rug as they are too expensive? Don't be concerned, there are all sorts of places where you can buy cheap area rugs at prices you won't believe.

Go on, give your house a treat and buy it an wonderful area rug. Your house will love you for it.


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