5 Points About the Importance of Rug Pads

Now that you have purchased that beautiful area rug that really enhances the look of your room, it is time to get a rug pad for it. You may not know just how important having a rug pad under your new area rug is, but if you want that rug to last a long time, continue to look great and to be safe to walk on, a rug pad is essential. Here are the top five reasons why.
* Increasing the life of your area rug: Did you know that rugs wear out from the underside first? This is because the rug is constantly being rubbed and crushed against the floor when anyone walks on it. A rug pad will cushion the rug and keep it looking good for a lot longer than just having the rug on the floor. You don't want your new rug to age prematurely.

* Makes your rug easier to keep clean:A rug pad will provide a barrier between your rug and the dirt that collects on the floor. Dust and dirt go through the rug and into the pad. Rug pads are very absorbent, so they will soak up any spills that happen to the rug. It is easier to clean up the spill on the rug because most of the spill is caught in the pad. And pads are easy to clean because they are machine-washable. Plus, it is cheaper to replace a stained pad that it is to have to buy a new rug. Another plus to the pad's absorbency is that it also will protect the floor from getting stained by a spill.

* Protecting your rug from mildew: Rug pads allow air to circulate around the rug. It sort of makes the rug more 'breathable.' This helps to prevent your rug from getting mildewed or getting moldy. Not only are these problems unhealthy, but they will stain your rug and ruin it quickly. This is especially important in areas of the country that have a lot of humid weather.

* Makes your rug safer to walk on: The right rug pad will prevent slipping. If you choose one that has a grip to it, it makes the rug much safer to walk on. You certainly do not want anyone slipping on an area rug and taking a fall. Slippery floors such as linoleum and hardwoods can create a real fall hazard when an area rug is put on them with no pad to grip the floor.

* Protects the floor: Area rugs can cause scratches to floors. The dust and dirt particles that collect beneath a rug can easily scratch a floor when it is walked on. Pads under the rugs prevent this from happening.
You will want to choose a good quality rug pad for your new rug. Make sure you know the correct dimensions of your rug so you can choose the right sized pad for it. You might want to buy a pad that is a couple of inches larger than your rug so you can cut it to size. A rug pad is a great investment to add to the life of your area rug.


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