Choose A Great Area Rug To Add To Your Homes Decor

An area rug is a wonderful way to spice up your home decor. You know what it's like at home now. It all looks a little tired, there's those spots and stains from when the kids were young and didn't respect the carpet, there's the worn patches in the lounge room where everyone walks.

A great looking area rug can hide all that and turn a drab room into a colorful and appealing room. A well chosen area rug can do wonders for your home.

But how do you choose your area rug so that it matches the decor of our home, or at least matches the decor of the room where you want to put it?

Firstly you need to decide if you want the rug itself to be the focal point of the room. Are you going to draw everyone's attention to the rug so that they don't see all the rest, or do you just want the rug to blend in and add color and flair?

If you want the rug itself to become the focal point choose a bright selection of colors and perhaps one with a strong central motif. This draws attention to the rug and distracts from the rest of the room.

Or else go for an area rug with more muted colors and design to add flair but not to draw everyone's immediate attention.

Understand the amount of use a rug will have. Don't put a beautiful contemporary cream rug in a high traffic area, it will show the dirt and will look worn out fast. Use lots of bright and mostly darker colors. On the other hand a rug can go in an area where it will not receive a lot of foot traffic and look great in a simple contemporary design and simple light colors that won't darken with wear.

Speaking of colors, a lighter color to your rug, or a lighter collection of colors, adds space to a room visually, whereas darker colors will draw the walls in and make the room look smaller. So don't use darker colors in small, or dark rooms.

Experiment with shapes. You aren't restricted to squares and rectangles with area rugs. You can get all sorts of shapes. Personally I love round rugs myself. And runner rugs are wonderful in long spaces like hallways.

There are all sorts of things you can do to your house with a well chosen area rug. And surprisingly they aren't as expensive as you would have thought. There are all sorts of places you can buy cheap area rugs at well below retail, as long as you know where to look.


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